Saturday, March 20, 2010

Good Evening People, Welcome to the Show!

Got lots of stuff I want you all to know! (I have a lot of things to cover in this first post :P )

Well, I've finally gotten this blog looking to where I'm not embarrassed to put my name on it... So what is that name?

Moonshine Bonanza.
I am Moonshine Bonanza and I am a ReeferHeadedWoman, a WomanoftheWorld & (if I do say so myself) some HotTailed, PoonTang to make yo' sweet heart stutter. As such, my chosen profession as an ExoticDancer (DejaVu Showgirls Bourbon st!) has led me to a vast supply of travels and crazy stories, most of which end with very sexy/hilarious (sexlarious?) results.

Oh yeah, and since I haven't mentioned it yet... I'm the biggest Aerosmith fan you know. I've already referenced four different Aerosmith songs since the beginning of this post (bonus points to the first one to name all the songs I reference throughout this post!). I was basically raised on their music, and have had the philosophy of the music significantly shape who I am as a person.

Which is a BadAss, Shoot from the hips, take no shit gypsy(robot)cowgirl! Yeah, You all wish you were cool like me.

I also like to think I'm pretty damn funny, which is all reason enough for me to finally get off my ass and start this blog. I want the world to know about the going-ons in the life of this Aerosmith-obsessed stripper. I'm on a mission, a proposition, to follow Aerosmith on tour in Europe this summer and fill in my (hopefully soon to be) fans every step of the journey! I want to make you think and maybe even make you a little angry! I want to post silly memes and PARTIAL NUDITY and make the masses laugh and get a semi-boner all at the same time!

America: FUCK YEAH!

So strap in, hang on and hold your breath... because once this train starts a rollin', ain't nothin gunna stop it!

RockOn until Tomorrow!
*gypsyROBOTcowgirl & all around badass

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At March 20, 2010 at 5:31 PM , Anonymous Tamika Tuggle said...

hooray for gypsy boots!


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