Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Phew... New Orleans Break Down!

So I'm back from my weekend trip to New Orleans and cognizant enough again finally to do a post about the whole ordeal. Funny thing is that I'm only 2 DAYS away from another trip down to the Big Easy!

So I took a train to NO last Wed. an 8hr trip from my current home in Chattanooga TN. I arrived in NO at about 7:45, just in time to catch a cab to DejaVu Showgirls on Bourbon st!

Now here is a nice club! Reasonable prices, pretty girls, all around fun! I met some totally wicked awesome people... Blake from Nashville... Drew... Ubisoft guy... Jim the Rob clone... POKEWALKER GUY just to name a few! I met a couple not-so-cool people (you know who you are PESO THE RAPPER & SMELLY SCULPTOR GUY). But I gotta say, I had fun and made both friends and money! What more could a girl want?

The weekend did have it's rough spots... on Friday (Steven Tyler's birthday no less) I cut my foot on the top of the can my lunch came in... this nasty customer...

It was not pretty. I panicked, then I bled... Then I panicked... Then I bled some more.

Many squares of toilet paper and Hello Kitty band-aids later I was hobbling, bleeding, to work. I managed through the night, but I can't say it probably didn't effect my money. But hey... I had a fun time and over all... I can't say I did too bad...


So Until Tomorrow...

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At March 30, 2010 at 8:53 PM , Blogger Tamika said...

hooray for money! i got to see the stack in person!


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