Sunday, April 18, 2010

Can't Stop Messin'

Aerosmith's music is always appropriate for the...vibe of my life. That's as simply as I can think of to put it. No matter what day it is or what kind of a mood I'm in, Aerosmith can always make me

Its seems that as I grow older, I grow closer to the music. The same music (and more) that I've been listening to almost exclusively for the last 10+ years hasn't lost that spark for me... not even a little bit. Quite the opposite.

I'm working on a short but in depth piece called "Everything I love about Aerosmith" to maybe try to clear up some of the confused looks I get sometimes when I talk about Aerosmith the way I do. Its basically going to be a compilation of audio clips that all give me goosebumps edited into something fun to listen to.

Thats all I on Aerosmith for now, I was just feelin' good reading Joey Kramer's (Aerosmith's drummer for you lame-o's that don't know) tweet about being in rehearsals and having fun and it feeling good to be behind the drum kit again that I was feeling kinda butterflies for a minute.

It has been a long weekend. I'm back in Chat until wed. night probably then back down to NOLA to start moving into my NEW APARTMENT and ....... JAZZ FEST. But as of right now, I got off of work at about 5 am this morning and the only sleep I've had has been in a car. Soooo, my ranting and raving (and blushing and lushing) will have to wait until tomorrow - when I can form a coherent thought. In fact, as I write this... I am quickly fading. Heh.

Until Tomorrow (afternoon)
RockON (Even in dreams)
*(^(A)^ll her life she been so misunderstood)

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