Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Talkin 'Bout VideoGames!!!

Well, I didn't make it to the club this past weekend, with it being Easter and all the money just wouldn't have been worth my while for the long journey I'd have to take to obtain it. Therefore, my week has been quite dull and I haven't really had a lot of interesting stuff to post about... Unless you think Pokemon is interesting- because I've been playing a lot of Pokemon: SoulSilver.

*In case you don't know- That's Joey's Rattata

If you're into games and have a Nintendo DS I would super recommend picking up Pokemon: HeartGold or SoulSilver.

I myself went out and picked up a brand spanking new DSXL with the money I made on my last trip down to the Big Easy. If you don't know... the DSXL is roughly twice the size of your normal DS. Long story short, I'm totally spoiled by it now and giggle when I see the normal DS... or even the DSi which is still only about a year old - Our good friends @Nintendo don't waste any time. A playable 3DS (a, you guessed it, portable 3D gaming platform) will have a playable demo out in May... with a release date in about a year. *SPOILER WARNING* This Link RIGHT HERE is quite possibly an early leak of aforementioned 3DS. LOOKS COOL. Oh YEAH, and if you want to see the DSXL's camera in action... there are pictures posted on my Facebook! (Link in the Sidebar!)

Anyway, back to Pokemon. SoulSilver is a remake of a game I never played the first time around so its super great for me. I played the original BlueVersion when Pokemon first hit the states back in the day and I've only just gotten back into it within the last year. Actually my roommate bought me DiamondVersion when I was recovering from my *cough*surgery* a year ago ^_^ The graphics are new and improved, the game is expanded... If you know anything about the series- The gamecorner game is actually fun. Its a mind fuck.
Plus you can catch your own PedoBear!

So yeah. That's pretty much what's up. I'm gettin' pretty tired so its time for this cowgirl to wrangle song dreams. I have to pack tomorrow because on Friday I'm NEW ORLEANS BOUND!


PS Thanks for reading about my dorky Pokemon habit!

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