Saturday, April 24, 2010

Today must be my Lucky Day: A Pep talk for Moonshine

I have to say it must be my lucky day! There is a substantial pack patch of clovers in my new front yard! Well, low and behold...

So, as hard as moving has been on my mind, body and overall attitude, I'm prompted to move forward with optimism! Feels nice.

I need the optimism, moving is always more expensive than I anticipate, and now Aerosmith is getting close and I still have no money saved :/. I mean, I'm excited that I get myself to New Orleans with such ease... but Aerosmith is the name of the game here. So its time to quit bitchin' and get in the kitchin'... to start cookin'.
WOO I needed i pep talk! I swear I'll start writing about interesting things again soon.

Speaking of interesting things... i was talking about horoscopes last night... and I realized that my regular and chinese horoscopes combine to a pretty badass (pokesque)beastie...


Well... Thats all for now, I gotta pack for work!

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