Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Post from the road: Go Topless ladies!

Just because I'm taking a vacation to Illinois this week (I haven't decided whether to work or just be lazy this week -ha.) doesn't mean I don't have time for my blog! In fact, quite the opposite. I've been sitting in the garage of my parents house, watching chipmunk run by my feet for the last hour. I was SO read to come sit in front of a computer screen (albeit a Compaq Presario laptop -_-) for a little bit...

I've been wanting to post on this topic for a while now, I'm not sure why I haven't. I want to talk about the Go Topless Campaign. This is a feminist movement that I think everyone can get behind. Fun Feminism, who'd a thunk it, huh? As you probably could have guessed, this movement is in favor of letting women be topless just like men can be shirtless...


As a boob expert/connoisseur/enthusiast, I can't believe this movement hasn't picked up more steam. I mean, really... Who doesn't love boobies? Tits are fun! The most fun part of human anatomy by far. Now, I know there are downsides to this, as it would uncover a lot of boobs that aren't uncovered for reasons of showing off Ala: Oh no, no no no no no. We would be seeing a lot of boobs uncovered because a fuck could not be given Ala:The thing is, its totally worth it. Plus, guys can be shirtless... I want to take off my shirt! So ladies, pick a day, anyday and go topless all day in your house. Then tell me you don't totally want to go outside in the sunlight!

That's all for now, I have some Illinois things to do,

PS... If you want to know more about the movement and to find a march in your area... go to GoTopless.ORG!

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