Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Moonshine Mash-up! Tattoos and VideoGames!

Nothing I love more than when two things I love come together! I've already professed a love of both tattooing and video games here in the past. As I've shown, I myself have two video game tattoos: A Kirby on my foot and a PowerStar on my back. My roommate, however, has a very NOT video game tattoo, a rather cliche dragon adorns his bulging bicep. Not even a speck of color... not yet anyway, which leaves it open to a fun game I like to call: "Force my Roommate to Sit Still so I can Color His Tattoo Like a Pokemon FUN HOUR SPECTACULAR11!1!" Now, I obviously only had one choice when choosing the Pokemon which most embodies this mighty coy dragon, Everyone's favorite badass: Gyarados. Now, in case you forgot just How much of a badass Gyarados really was, (You MUST just be clouded by how royally its pre-evolved form, Magicrap, sucked balls, and couldn't even do that well) Let me read you a small portion from the leading Pokemon archive on the web, Bulbapedia, just to give your memory a little jolt:
Gyarados, like most dragon-like Pokémon, has a high Attack stat, causing it to rely more on physical attacks than special ones. It is one of the few Water-types able to wield both Fire-type and Electric-type attacks. Its fangs can crush stones and its scales are harder than steel.
I wouldn't wanna mess with that, would you? Oh yeah, did I mention its over 20ft tall and weighs over 500lbs?! Oh yeah, this here's a straight bamf, if ya know what I mean.So I sat and I painted, and I painted and then I re-painted after a tragic sneeze. And finally...

A WILD GYARDOS APPEARED!I really enjoyed doing this. Hours of giggles. Hehehehehehe ^_^

Moonshine "TattooArtist" Bonanza

PS... Sound off!! I think my roommate should get this shit actually colored like a Gyarados... maybe if I can show him that its the cool thing to do he will make it happen! COMMENNNTTTSSSS are the only thing that will help me accomplish this.

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At December 2, 2010 at 5:48 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats the stupidest thing ive ever seen


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