Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This post contains brainy content (I swear!)

So the other day I was in the car and I had an orgasm... It's totally not what you think. I was by myself, and there were no toys involved. It was caused by unyielding awesomeness of, you guessed it... AEROSMITH! This song in particular (For reference, it happened when the time signature changes for the guitar solo ^_^). Now, usually I'm not one to complain much about orgasms, but I have to say, while driving it just doesn't seem safe!

This actually got me thinking about a story that was told to by (no foolin') my psychology teacher at my (Catholic!) high school. I can't remember (if anyone can, PLEASE PLEASE let me know. It is drivin' me bonkers) if this gem is actually attached to any of the (hornball) fathers of modern psych (Skinner, Watson, etc.), but I do know that its all about operant conditioning, which, for as cool as it is... may limit the Aerosmith I can listen to whilst driving. :P

The story goes like this:
So our psychologist and his wife have a healthy sex life, this stands to reason because psychologists are always hornier than the average Joe. Every time psychman brings his wife to the edge of climax, he tugs on her earlobe. He repeats this every single time they are intimate.
Psychman and his wife are then invited to a dance party, and a fancy once at that. Psychman and his wife enjoy a high social standing and enjoy all levels snobbery and hobbnobbery... Until the psychologist decides to pull on his wife's ear on the dance floor.

... And that's why our psychologist no longer has a wife.

I guess the moral of the story is NEVER EVER underestimate the power of awesome sex. Or Aerosmith. ^_^ I guess it also does an interesting job of explaining behaviorism and reinforcement conditioning. Man, looking back now I guess I should give that teacher some additional sweet ups for being (*ahem*) edgy and actually teaching me something. The learning feeling... It's soooo good.

You know, this whole thing also reminds me of something a read in a book (an awesome book that everyone should read. Its by Mary Roach, it's called "Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex" - go buy it... at a Borders. Not Barnes and Crappy. BORDERS. Seriously, if you go to B&N I will find you.)

Uum..Anyway, There was a part in the book that dealt with a woman who could orgasm whenever she wanted... just by thinking. Awesome right? Well, not so awesome is the girl who orgasms all the time from weird, non sexual outside stimuli. Like... a hug from a friend or... I dunno... A sneeze. AWKWARD! However, if you want to know more about those lovely ladies and a million other things you didn't know you didn't know about sex, then you're just going to have to read BONK by MARY ROACH. DO IT.*

Thats all for now, I'll keep y'all posted on future aerogasms lol
*UNpaidEndorser :)

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Today must be my Lucky Day: A Pep talk for Moonshine

I have to say it must be my lucky day! There is a substantial pack patch of clovers in my new front yard! Well, low and behold...

So, as hard as moving has been on my mind, body and overall attitude, I'm prompted to move forward with optimism! Feels nice.

I need the optimism, moving is always more expensive than I anticipate, and now Aerosmith is getting close and I still have no money saved :/. I mean, I'm excited that I get myself to New Orleans with such ease... but Aerosmith is the name of the game here. So its time to quit bitchin' and get in the kitchin'... to start cookin'.
WOO I needed i pep talk! I swear I'll start writing about interesting things again soon.

Speaking of interesting things... i was talking about horoscopes last night... and I realized that my regular and chinese horoscopes combine to a pretty badass (pokesque)beastie...


Well... Thats all for now, I gotta pack for work!

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Movin' Out (Internets Picks of the Century!)

So tonight is my last night in my house in Tennessee. I spent all day today packing and getting ready for my long ass drive tomorrow. I don't really have anything to write about. My brain has been in a very passive, 420ish mood today ;)

That being said, I'm starting a new segment on this blog called 'Internets Picks of the Century'. This Tuesday, I've decided to post a few fun internet games that I've stumbled upon - All for the purposes of killin' that precious time!

Card Toss- The old playing card in top hat game without any of the cleanup!

Puki:The Swarm- A fun flash game shooter where you're attacked by cute little bloodsuckers!

Winterbells- Hop the bunny up the bells in this addictive, yet tranquil, game.

Hoshi Saga- Find the Stars!

So those are my Internets Picks of the Century for this week ^_^

PS - Look for reports from the road!

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Not feelin' So Hot

Not feeling well again tonight kids. A full post will have to wait until tomorrow. Until then, here's a picture that I made for funnyjunk.com that has more thumbs up than down! WOO!!1!

I know this shit always makes my night!
Until Tomorrow

PS if you happen to want to help me soar to FJ infamy - please click this link and give me a big ol' THUMBS UP! FunnyJunk!

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Can't Stop Messin'

Aerosmith's music is always appropriate for the...vibe of my life. That's as simply as I can think of to put it. No matter what day it is or what kind of a mood I'm in, Aerosmith can always make me

Its seems that as I grow older, I grow closer to the music. The same music (and more) that I've been listening to almost exclusively for the last 10+ years hasn't lost that spark for me... not even a little bit. Quite the opposite.

I'm working on a short but in depth piece called "Everything I love about Aerosmith" to maybe try to clear up some of the confused looks I get sometimes when I talk about Aerosmith the way I do. Its basically going to be a compilation of audio clips that all give me goosebumps edited into something fun to listen to.

Thats all I on Aerosmith for now, I was just feelin' good reading Joey Kramer's (Aerosmith's drummer for you lame-o's that don't know) tweet about being in rehearsals and having fun and it feeling good to be behind the drum kit again that I was feeling kinda butterflies for a minute.

It has been a long weekend. I'm back in Chat until wed. night probably then back down to NOLA to start moving into my NEW APARTMENT and ....... JAZZ FEST. But as of right now, I got off of work at about 5 am this morning and the only sleep I've had has been in a car. Soooo, my ranting and raving (and blushing and lushing) will have to wait until tomorrow - when I can form a coherent thought. In fact, as I write this... I am quickly fading. Heh.

Until Tomorrow (afternoon)
RockON (Even in dreams)
*(^(A)^ll her life she been so misunderstood)

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Panties and Bacon!

Well, I've still been pretty busy in the process of trying to find a place down in New Orleans so I can move down there and start working on my own personal little permanent vacation. I haven't actually *gone back* yet... I want to wait until I have a bunch of apartments to look at so that I can get one so I can stay and work longer! I was planning on being back in New Orleans so much sooner than all this; it's really throwing my game off in a major way, and leaving me with some major writer's block. This is supposed to be a blog about my stripper shenanigans... but I'm not dancing!!

So while I was packing today for the big move, I started realizing just how many pairs of panties I actually have! I couldn't honestly believe the huuge pile! This isn't all of them, there are *always* panties in the laundry. It's nice to take inventory...

When buying panties, I find it pleasant to have a variety of cuts and colors, mixin' it up is the spice of life, you know? Everything from the teeniest thongs to a booty bumpin' boy short is a-ok by me!

... AND if you want a bumpin' booty, there's no way better way to get it than everyone's favorite breakfast food: BACON! I made some bacon today, the two different kinds: Crispy and Chewy...

I myself have always preferred chewy bacon over crispy bacon... It just seems like you lose so much of the meat's flavor when you fry it into a crunchy little band-aid. I mean, crunchy is alright for like a sammich or a blt, but for straight bacon munching... chewy is the way of champions.

That's all for Now!

PS- Hotel for New Orleans is BOOKED. Nothing standing in my way now! Tomorrow I finish packing and I hit the road early on Tuesday!

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Talkin 'Bout VideoGames!!!

Well, I didn't make it to the club this past weekend, with it being Easter and all the money just wouldn't have been worth my while for the long journey I'd have to take to obtain it. Therefore, my week has been quite dull and I haven't really had a lot of interesting stuff to post about... Unless you think Pokemon is interesting- because I've been playing a lot of Pokemon: SoulSilver.

*In case you don't know- That's Joey's Rattata

If you're into games and have a Nintendo DS I would super recommend picking up Pokemon: HeartGold or SoulSilver.

I myself went out and picked up a brand spanking new DSXL with the money I made on my last trip down to the Big Easy. If you don't know... the DSXL is roughly twice the size of your normal DS. Long story short, I'm totally spoiled by it now and giggle when I see the normal DS... or even the DSi which is still only about a year old - Our good friends @Nintendo don't waste any time. A playable 3DS (a, you guessed it, portable 3D gaming platform) will have a playable demo out in May... with a release date in about a year. *SPOILER WARNING* This Link RIGHT HERE is quite possibly an early leak of aforementioned 3DS. LOOKS COOL. Oh YEAH, and if you want to see the DSXL's camera in action... there are pictures posted on my Facebook! (Link in the Sidebar!)

Anyway, back to Pokemon. SoulSilver is a remake of a game I never played the first time around so its super great for me. I played the original BlueVersion when Pokemon first hit the states back in the day and I've only just gotten back into it within the last year. Actually my roommate bought me DiamondVersion when I was recovering from my *cough*surgery* a year ago ^_^ The graphics are new and improved, the game is expanded... If you know anything about the series- The gamecorner game is actually fun. Its a mind fuck.
Plus you can catch your own PedoBear!

So yeah. That's pretty much what's up. I'm gettin' pretty tired so its time for this cowgirl to wrangle song dreams. I have to pack tomorrow because on Friday I'm NEW ORLEANS BOUND!


PS Thanks for reading about my dorky Pokemon habit!

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