Monday, May 31, 2010

Bootleg Jackpot #5: Analog #1

I gotta say, I had fun with my crayons and markers.


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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Post from the road: Go Topless ladies!

Just because I'm taking a vacation to Illinois this week (I haven't decided whether to work or just be lazy this week -ha.) doesn't mean I don't have time for my blog! In fact, quite the opposite. I've been sitting in the garage of my parents house, watching chipmunk run by my feet for the last hour. I was SO read to come sit in front of a computer screen (albeit a Compaq Presario laptop -_-) for a little bit...

I've been wanting to post on this topic for a while now, I'm not sure why I haven't. I want to talk about the Go Topless Campaign. This is a feminist movement that I think everyone can get behind. Fun Feminism, who'd a thunk it, huh? As you probably could have guessed, this movement is in favor of letting women be topless just like men can be shirtless...


As a boob expert/connoisseur/enthusiast, I can't believe this movement hasn't picked up more steam. I mean, really... Who doesn't love boobies? Tits are fun! The most fun part of human anatomy by far. Now, I know there are downsides to this, as it would uncover a lot of boobs that aren't uncovered for reasons of showing off Ala: Oh no, no no no no no. We would be seeing a lot of boobs uncovered because a fuck could not be given Ala:The thing is, its totally worth it. Plus, guys can be shirtless... I want to take off my shirt! So ladies, pick a day, anyday and go topless all day in your house. Then tell me you don't totally want to go outside in the sunlight!

That's all for now, I have some Illinois things to do,

PS... If you want to know more about the movement and to find a march in your area... go to GoTopless.ORG!

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bootleg Jackpot #4 - Tip, Don't Stare.


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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bootleg Jackpot #3! "Average Night"

I get this question all the time...


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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Support Miss USA!

Ok, so first off, let me just apologize for being such a bad blogger and not posting at all in the last week. Blame it on being tired, or writer's block, or the fact that I'm still not done with this week's cartoon - whatever the reason, I suck.

Anyway, today I'd like to talk about an article I saw on the Daily Mail's website. (The Daily Mail is a British Newspaper PS) The article was about Rima Fakih - MISS USA 2010! She won this year's pageant in Vegas this past weekend; She's also the first practicing Muslim to win in the history of the event. Rima and her family came to America from Lebanon when she was 3. Which makes totally sense... Lebanese girls are totally hott.

Anyway, its only a cool 2 days after the pageant and already poor Rima's crown is being called into question. This makes me angry for so many reasons I don't even know where to start. Before we even get to the heart of why exactly they are climbing up this girl's tree, let me just say that the committee at the Miss America Pageant have the WORST BACKGROUND CHECKERS EVER. Seriously? A sex tape AND a drug addict in the past few years. Tsk, tsk, not to mention its really... convenient that all this stuff surfaces after the fact, RIGHT AFTER, in fact. You think this is all just a self perpetuating publicity scheme to keep the pageant relevant in a world of tabloid cooter shots? Hmm...

All that being said, they are grasping at straws here with Miss Fakih. The press is trying to take issue with the fact the, when she was 21, Rima participated in strip contest. *GASP* Now I know that the Miss America Pageant is notorious for having that squeaky clean, stick-up-the-ass attitude about things, but let me tell you a little more about this contest:
1: It was held at a strip club, BUT the event was ladies only. Yep, there was not a dude in sight.
2: The event was called "Stripper 101". Thus we can assume Rima had no prior experience as a stripper, as far as the down and dirty stage show/lap dances are concerned.
3. This is what she woreThis is what she wore THE WHOLE TIME

Is it hott? Why yes, yes it is. Is it reason to call a crown into question? I think not. In my opinion, this is exactly what Miss America should be all about. Think about it. Had Rima stayed in Lebanon, she would have been forced to cover not only her bangin' body, but also her beautiful face and, worst of all, stifle the shining personality that allowed her to excel to the level of Miss Fucking America. I'm not even going to talk about how hypocritical it is (and how angry it makes me) that people are talking about all this the way they are just because the word 'stripper' is attached to the event in question. Especially since I'm pretty sure Rima walked around like this on NATIONAL TELEVISION for you douches.

So, FOR SHAME news media. FOR SHAME anyone who thinks Rima Fakih, MISS AMERICA 2010, did anything less than live the American dream to its very, very fullest! We should all be so lucky. Enjoy your crown woman! You earned it! More importantly, I mentioned she participated in a strip tease contest...
I didn't mention she won. So enjoy all the fruits of your endeavors! Girl, you got it all!


PS- I would be a total asshole if I didn't give my old heels acknowledgement and a proper send off. They were 2 years old and totally falling apart, they've gotten me through learning pole tricks, leveling Pokemon and everything in between. You were good shoes - Now you will be good mantel decorations. But, out with the old, in with the new! Let say hello and wish good luck to my new shoes! May they be sturdy, sexy and trustworthy!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bootleg Jackpot #2 - More Character Introductions

We've already met Moonshine, we've (sort of) met Ron the Sex Offender... NOW its time to meet the rest of the crew!

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Internetz Picks of the CENTURY (this week)

I have been working my ASS off (literally haHA!) this week. I've been working day shift, night shift & promotions; today was my day off. I should have tried to come up with an actual post, I know, I know, but I didn't. I didn't because I was tired. I'm still tired, even after a quite substantial nap.

So I'm calling on the help and guidance of my (if you don't have a SU account, stop being a retard and click the link in the right menu and SIGN UP) to find my favorites pages... to give you, the good people, *MY* readers, the best I feel this big crazy place called THE INTERNETS has to offer!

Umm... *rustle rustle*... Thaaaat's right... THE BEST!...
AH! Here we go!

theWAREHOURE Web Comic- This is another gem of a stick figure comic. This strip in particular made me giggle :)

Io9's most Heartwarming Article EVER- Advisory, you will need tissues. And not in the masturbation way.

Wow, that was quick- Remember that contest about being the first person to pitch a perfect game on 2ksports's MLB 2k10? Well here is the awesome story of the guy who won.

If Super Mario Bros. was made in 2010- I would cry. And would need to get a tattoo removed.

Adverputt- A fun mini putt game! I scored 1 under par!

OKOK, this is technically a Web Comic... HOWEVER, with a subject matter like the correct usage of the semicolon, I had to stick it in the educational section. I like semicolons; I should use them more often.

Well, thats's all for right now. I'm in the process of getting back into shape. I'm sore, I'm tired & I'm pretty overall miserable! See you at Deja Vu tonight ;) lol

Yours, in ROCK

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bootleg Jackpot #1!!

So I did it... This is the first in my new webcomic, "Bootleg Jackpot"... Enjoy!

BTW - This is a 100% true story.

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