Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gypsy Boots: A beloved Friend Put to Rest.

*Cries* Its true! The porn star mustache is no more... Sigh. Its OK tho, before he shaved it off... he gave me this:
Which really makes it almost kinda worth it... Kinda.

Next, I have requested sideburns to attach to this manly 'stache of awesome :)

Until Next Time
Moonshine "LovesMustacheRides" Bonanza

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gypsy Boots: How NOT to be a Stripper! Lesson 2

BAD! VERY BAD! You go out on the street corner for that shit... Or just do porn for christssake. I'm going to open up a porn site called "Ugly, Desperate Strippers" I'll be a millionaire!

Moonshine "Not.A.Hooker" Bonanza

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Moonshine Mash-up! Tattoos and VideoGames!

Nothing I love more than when two things I love come together! I've already professed a love of both tattooing and video games here in the past. As I've shown, I myself have two video game tattoos: A Kirby on my foot and a PowerStar on my back. My roommate, however, has a very NOT video game tattoo, a rather cliche dragon adorns his bulging bicep. Not even a speck of color... not yet anyway, which leaves it open to a fun game I like to call: "Force my Roommate to Sit Still so I can Color His Tattoo Like a Pokemon FUN HOUR SPECTACULAR11!1!" Now, I obviously only had one choice when choosing the Pokemon which most embodies this mighty coy dragon, Everyone's favorite badass: Gyarados. Now, in case you forgot just How much of a badass Gyarados really was, (You MUST just be clouded by how royally its pre-evolved form, Magicrap, sucked balls, and couldn't even do that well) Let me read you a small portion from the leading Pokemon archive on the web, Bulbapedia, just to give your memory a little jolt:
Gyarados, like most dragon-like Pokémon, has a high Attack stat, causing it to rely more on physical attacks than special ones. It is one of the few Water-types able to wield both Fire-type and Electric-type attacks. Its fangs can crush stones and its scales are harder than steel.
I wouldn't wanna mess with that, would you? Oh yeah, did I mention its over 20ft tall and weighs over 500lbs?! Oh yeah, this here's a straight bamf, if ya know what I mean.So I sat and I painted, and I painted and then I re-painted after a tragic sneeze. And finally...

A WILD GYARDOS APPEARED!I really enjoyed doing this. Hours of giggles. Hehehehehehe ^_^

Moonshine "TattooArtist" Bonanza

PS... Sound off!! I think my roommate should get this shit actually colored like a Gyarados... maybe if I can show him that its the cool thing to do he will make it happen! COMMENNNTTTSSSS are the only thing that will help me accomplish this.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Gypsy Boots #1 - "How *NOT* to be a Stripper- Lesson 1"

Welp, changed the name of my Comic. Which also means I started numbering them over again... #1!

I really like this one... I see too many girls gettin' themselves into trouble at work with alcohol. If you have to be drunk to be naked... Then you prolly shouldn't be a Stripper. Duhhhhr. That being said... I'm not going to say that I haven't done every single one of these things... in fact, people who aren't strippers do all this shit all the time... However Most functioning people aren't allowed to/don't drink at work.

When your work is everyone else's party... Well, staying sober enough to stay put together is not the easiest thing. Trust me though, its worth the effort.

PS Milkshake Bananaz: The anti-Moonshine Bonanza :) Created by my Friend Steven.
Moonshine "moreofastoneranyways" Bonanza

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